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The first edition of our Wrong Postcards contains twenty unique and sweetly honest postcards for the highly irresponsible. Each lovingly designed card will offer very little in the way of assistance to your career. These joyous, happy cards will not increase your social standing, nor will they elicit a positive response from any right-minded person. There is, however, a picture of a duck on the box cover.


For a limited time each box comes with a complimentary duck. Not available in all areas. Certain restrictions may apply. The duck promotional offer may have been retracted by the time you read this. The duck promotional offer has now expired. All ducks have now been set free by a government task force comprised of park rangers, wildlife experts, animal safety inspectors and Szechuan chefs. We look forward to your letters.

Box #1 "I'm No-Longer Angry at Mother" edition includes these cards:

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