How We Keep Wrongcards Free

A Short Note on Our Ad Policy

We run Wrongcards on a small-instance server , uh no wait, now it's three small-instances on Amazon's EC2 thingy no, then it changed to being on Heroku, with an Amazon RDS database. It costs a bit of money so we run ads to pay for it. Anything left over goes toward the feeding of my dog. If it ever becomes more than she can eat, I'll put that money into my Selling Out and Becoming Extremely Corrupted by Money savings and retirement plan. But that's ways off and in the meantime I have to work a part-time job.

Anyway: we never run pop-ups or anything that takes over a screen and starts gabbing at you about how you've been selected to win something you didn't want in the first place.

I think advertising is okay on the internet but if it's loud, obtrusive or trying to make a rude grab for your attention, then it simply won't work. That's just bad advertising and bad advertising is alienating; I won't subject you to that. On the other hand, I don't mind running ads that may be useful to anyone though. Maybe you've just lost a leg, and we run an ad that leads you to finding discounted high-quality wooden legs. That would be frickin' ridiculously cool. Not the bit about you losing a leg, that's awful. But you know that already oh my goodness, I'm making it worse. Don't cry, whatever you do don't cry - self-pity is so maudlin and pathetic, really, and I'm sure we'd be much more comfortable if you were grappling with your infirmity with quiet dignity and strength.

So: we publish ads through a third-party. And once, back in 2009, there was a software glitch and some pop-ups began to appear on the front page. I got it fixed quickly but I mention it to remind you that with technology, nothing is perfect. If you ever start seeing pop-ups or anything too obtrusive, then this is unintentional on our part and it's better if you let me know so I can filter it out. I'd sure appreciate it.

Things go wrong but we do our best. Overall it's good that we have advertising at WC because otherwise we wouldn't be here making stuff, cards that you probably couldn't send to anybody.

So anyways: just wanted to say a bit about that and anyway, I'm sorry I mentioned your leg.