A Terse Treatment of String Theory - or Not

31 Dec 2008

Every enterprise is fraught with uncertainty. Does it matter? Hello and welcome to the Wrongcards blog. Just a few things to get through today.

Now first up, this is the first post. Conceptually, this post may be likened to the first of anything, except perhaps the first ever piece of string. That would be absurd, for reasons of length. This first blog entry for Wrongcards has assumed, by the time you read it, a determinable length of words and characters. However, as we all know, lengths of string are by definition indefinable - at least in terms of length.

Hence the origins of the rhetorical question and idiom: how long is a piece of string? This question, which has its origins in British and Australian English, leads us to assume only that the length of the first ever piece of string was at the time a matter of such raging and irreconcilable debate that we have had no alternative to leave the matter unanswered in perpetuity.

We shall not answer it today. Instead we shall ask this: why would anyone create an ecard site when the ecards themselves are wrong for every occasion? Where is the business sense in any of it? And what kind of drug was the artist on and further: where can one buy a few ounces?

Be sure to stop by again for the answers to these questions and more.

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