Ole Wrongcards is on Vacation

19 Aug 2009
That's right. A man needs a break sometimes. What I've gone and done is hopped on a plane and sent myself back in time and space to where I grew up: South East Queensland, Australia. I want you to all forgive me for not creating a new wrongcard each day, as has been my custom, because sometimes I need a break. On this particular break, I am spending a little bit of time with my family. I forget why. But it's been a good trip because Australia is lovely to visit and the best bit so far has been listening to the birdsongs in the morning. So listen to me: in a week or two I'll start creating more wrongcards. I think I'll create a Family category, actually. So if you need a wrongcard fix, I'd urge you to flick through some of the older cards. And if you're feeling bored, feel free to write to me.
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