The Nice and Understated Wrongcards Blog.

The Rat Lieutenant is Dead

Tuesday 8 October 2013 When I returned to Cambridge I decided that it was time to deal with the rats who have been using my basement as a sort of community hall for the past six months. read more

So Farewell To All That

Thursday 6 June 2013 Wrongcards is a mysterious event; we often work at midnight at my kitchen table. Very funny things happen behind the scenes, but I can't even get to those things if you don't have some context. So let's start there. To begin, let me tell you why I'm in Spain. read more

Creative Unease

Friday 22 February 2013 On the upper floor of my house I have a large room furnished with a single persian rug that I call The Dojo of Deprivation. On the outside of the door I have a sign that says: "Kris's room. The Dojo of Deprivation. Keep out." And two skulls and crossbones for good measure. Nobody can see the sign except me. read more

Where, What and How

Friday 2 November 2012 People often say to me: 'Kris, why are you walking around clutching a jar full of wasps to your chest?' And I just say, 'I'm befriending them in case of a wasp plague.' It feels nice when people worry about me. Lately it has been pointed out that very little is known about the individual(s) behind Wrongcards. I'm addressing that lapse today. Let's do this. read more

Announcing Guy Code Wrongcards

Tuesday 31 July 2012 I'm a bonafide alpha male, so I am pretty rich in the lore of Being a Man. And the last thing I would want to happen is for my Nanna to watch Guy Code and suddenly just, you know, figure me out. Still... read more