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TGIF stands for Thank God It's Friday, an expression that signifies joy about the end of the work week. TGIF also expresses hope that a weekend of debauchery will compensate for the fresh hell endured from Monday to Friday. Here at Wrongcards TGIF is used to convey that sentiment and that sentiment only. The acronym should never be spoken out loud. If a colleague or co-worker says to you 'T-G-I-F' you might have a slight personnel problem in your workplace. Or perhaps they merely have a bad case of the Mondays. For related cards you can also browse our workplace card category. They're all good to send. What are they going to do - fire you on a Friday?

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god of fire TGIF ecards

Thank God it's Friday and nobody's desk mysteriously caught fire.
Sometimes I like to re-evaluate myself as an individual and, when I do, I like to give myself 10 out of 10 for self-critical-ness. I'm a simple guy who always tells the truth except if I don't feel like it or get carried away, which is pretty rare but it does happen when I'm at George Clooney's place. I'm not his coolest friend but he's like, 'Kris - you're in my top three'. So that's why I'm happy today.

ears TGIF ecards

Thank God it's Friday and the week did not end with me walking about wearing a necklace made from the ears of bureaucrats.
I like to think of myself as someone who can get along with anybody except for clowns, bureaucrats and werewolves. But filling out forms with a pen is, uh, mental torture. Forms make me agitated. I scribble, panic, weep. I yell lots about 'not wanting to live in this plane of reality'. Anyway. I had to fill out a form today. You can kinda tell, can't you?

rich inner life TGIF ecards

Thank God it's Friday and my rich inner life has not yet come to the attention of upper management.
People say to me: Kris - how do you do it? I say 'hard work and nothing more'. But the truth is that everything pretty much depends on Human Resources not paying too much attention to me. Happy Friday you lot.

stabby TGIF ecards

Thank God it's Friday and nobody in Senior Management was brutally stabbed to death with a pen due to an unfortunate misunderstanding.
There are wrongcards and there are wrongcards; and today's card is a wrongcard. My apologies to my followers who work in Senior Management: if it's any consolation, I should be in Senior Management too but I once made the mistake of answering a HR questionnaire truthfully. So it goes...

phalanx TGIF ecards

Thank God it's Friday and we have not been devoured by a phalanx of Komodo Dragons.
The week is winding down and you survived. Yes, you survived the strange and the unexpected. And, celebrating this triumph, today's wrongcard reminds us all to remain ever vigilant. Remember, if you stay paranoid, you'll stay alive. For a while anyway. Happy Friday to you all!

HR frowns upon stuff TGIF ecards

 Its Friday, and this week I learned the Human Resources frowns upon self-abuse in the copier room. With each passing week my office kung fu grows more powerful!

sabotage is thirsty work TGIF ecards

Another busy week spent undermining the strategic interests of the company via acts of corporate sabotage and subversion. Dude we totally deserve to get drunk.