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When MTV2 asked us to create the official ecards for their popular show Guy Code I hesitated. There is a lot of really useful information being revealed on that show and that makes me pretty nervous.

I mean, I'm a bonafide alpha male, so I am pretty rich in the lore of Being a Man. And the last thing I would want to happen is for my Nanna to watch Guy Code and suddenly just, you know, figure me out. I'd be on half-rations of dessert for a month. It would be like the incident with the dead clown all over again.

So I passed a troubled night. Lightning flickered in a moonless sky. Waves crashed against lighthouses. Cats made mewling noises and played with plastic bags. I couldn't breathe. And then, suddenly, just before dawn, I was struck with a blinding flash of clarity.

Ladies won't believe that MTV2's Guy Code is all factual and true because God wouldn't let civilization come to a grinding halt like that. So the mystery would be preserved, and nobody would be forced to endure the absurd injustice of half-rations of dessert ever again. So it was nothing like the incident with the dead clown after all.

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